The future of caravan movers is here!

At Leisurewize we are motivated by one thing; how can we make the best caravan movers in the world? Caravan movers are designed to make life easier, so our movers are the world’s easiest to use.

Features include:

  • Easy wind or automatic roller engagement.
  • Full all-season covers (on our 300-series products) and half covers (on the 200-series product), these are designed for your EMOVE to stay looking good for longer.
  • The diagnostic handset, which lets you know when you need to recharge your leisure battery or replace the handset batteries.

We have even developed an option allow you to to use your smart phone to operate your mover; making it much harder to lose your remote. How cool is that!

Above all else, we want EMOVE customers to be happy customers! So alongside ALL this innovation we have provided our customers with real peace of mind with our full five year, no quibble warranty!

Built to the world’s toughest engineering standards in order to sell in the world’s toughest markets, where second-best is not good enough, EMOVE delivers maximum power through maximum efficiency time and time again.

Each EMOVE is built to exacting standards throughout every stage of the manufacturing process. We follow this through to the fitting stage whether you fit it yourself or have it professionally installed we care that everything is done correctly. EMOVE’s comprehensive fitting guides and our support team are here to help every step of the way.

EMOVE leads the world when it comes to caravan mover technology. We offer the easiest and most precise way to engage rollers and complete mover protection for the body work. When it comes to software we have the unique diagnostic handset which tells you the condition of your leisure battery and we even have the smart phone option.

EMOVE caravan movers exceed the toughest European standards and approvals. We take compliance very seriously and don’t believe in taking short cuts. We have been making movers for more than a decade and expect to be making movers for many decades to come. As a customer recently said “EMOVE are setting the standards the rest will have to follow”.